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Employment Information

Are you interested in becoming an educator or becoming an employee of Terra Academy?

NOTE:  Only full-time employee's children are given a preference point for enrollment in Terra Academy.  Part-time employee's children are not given preference points.  Preference points are given for children who:

 a) have a parent or legal guardian working full-time at Terra

 b) for each year they have been on the waiting list

 c) for having siblings already enrolled within the school (siblings must remain in the school for one full       year)

Open Applications:  We accept applications at any time for any position here at Terra (even if the position is not currently open).  We are continually looking for people who fit the mission and vision of Terra Academy.  Feel free to submit your resume at any time to:

We are looking for the following positions: 

Substitute Positions - please click here to apply

Substitute Teachers - $12 hour

Substitute Maintenance - $12 hour

Substitute Kitchen - $12 hour

Permanent Positions - Send resume to

Part time Elementary Mentor/Aide - Posting date 1/24/24


Under the direct supervision of a certificated teacher, aide/para-educator assists with student instruction in regular education curriculum, assists with preparation and presentation of teaching materials, monitors students while at lunch or on the playground, assists with the loading and unloading of students.


-High School diploma or equivalent.

-Must demonstrate basic competence in reading, writing, math and interpersonal relations.

-Some previous general experience in working with children is preferred but not required.

-Must be able to maintain student and school confidentiality.
-Ability to work well with parents, with respect and dignity, and encourage them to be partners in the educational and social success of their students.

-Be willing to adjust and ask for support as needed for each student based on their unique needs.

-Possess a positive, supportive and kind attitude toward all we work with and for.

-Be open to trying new things that will improve the school, its staff and its students.


The purpose of this position is to provide a well-rounded, kind, respectful, innovative aide to assist students in mastering concepts and standards for the purpose of deepening their knowledge as well as gaining and sharpening skills to become successful citizens in life.  In addition, we hope to create a staff  who is willing to work together for the ultimate goal of what is best for students as unique individuals.

Golf Club Coach - Posting date 2/13/24

Reports to: Athletic Director

Status: Non-exempt Seasonal March-May

Job Summary: 

The head coach is responsible for training and coaching team members.  The head coach is to abide by Terra Academy rules, policies, and procedures, as well as the rules of the athletic association by which Terra Academy participates (as applicable).

Job Specifications: 

In order to be successful as a Terra Academy coach, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily.  The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skills, and/or abilities required.  

Essential Responsibilities 

  1. Manage and supervise athletic activities, contests, and practice sessions, to promote individual growth in athletic skills, teamwork, discipline, respect, and good sportsmanship

  2. Hold organizational meetings for team prospects and encourage potential athletes to participate in the golf program

  3. Work with other members of the school staff to plan and put in place instructional goals and objectives to ensure the overall educational development of student athletes

  4. Establish a performance criteria (rubric) for competition and evaluate students' athletic abilities initially and on a regular basis

  5. Develop a regular practice schedule and organize practice time to provide both individual and team development

  6. Hold a preseason meeting with all student athletes and parents before the first official match

  7. Assess players' skills and assign team positions

  8. Monitor and enforce student eligibility criteria for extra-curricular participation

  9. Apply and enforce student discipline during athletic contests, practice sessions, and while on trips off school property

  10. Encourage sportsmanlike conduct in all phases of athletic participation at all times

  11. Take all necessary precaution to protect student athletes, equipment, and facilities, including protecting students from hazing/bullying

  12. Maintain and secure all golf equipment and uniforms

  13. Oversee process of cleaning, repairing, and storing all athletic equipment

  14. Maintain accurate records to ensure compliance with all regulations, including eligibility forms, transfer forms, grade reports, activity attendance forms, and other pertinent documents

  15. Assist the Athletic Director with the scheduling of matches and coordinate arrangements   

  16. Participate in special activities to include senior night, banquets, award nights and pep assemblies (as applicable)

  17. Conferences with parents/guardians, as necessary, regarding athletic performance of their student

  18. Follow established procedures in the event of an athlete’s injury  

  19. Maintain nondiscriminatory practices in all activities  

  20. Attend staff development meetings, clinics, and other professional activities to improve coaching performance (as applicable)  

  21. Perform any other related duties as assigned by the Athletic Director or other appropriate administrator 

Minimum Qualifications (Knowledge, Skills, and/or Abilities Required)

  • Must possess effective coaching techniques and skills

  • Must possess knowledge of the rules, regulations, strategies, and techniques of the sport

  • Must possess the ability to establish and maintain working relationships with school administrators, staff, parents, and students

  • Must complete all mandatory trainings and background check to serve as coach

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