Employment Information

10 days ago

Open Applications:  We accept applications at any time for any position here at Terra (even if the position is not currently open).  We are continually looking for people who fit the mission and vision of Terra Academy.  Feel free to submit your resume at any time to:   krichter@theterraacademy.org

Open Positions:

-Teacher Position (Elementary & Secondary) 2024-2025

Posting date 3/27/24

Please click here to see the job description

Send resume to krichter@theterraacademy.org

-Guardian/ Maintenance Technician
Posting date 7/10/24
Please click here to see the job decription
Send resume to krichter@theterraacademy.org

-Board Member 

Posting date 5/1/2024

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-Substitute Teachers - $15 hour  2024-2025

Send resume to krichter@theterraacademy.org

-Substitute Maintenance/Sweeper - $15 hour 2024-2025

Send resume to krichter@theterraacademy.org

-Substitute Kitchen - $15 hour 2024-2025

Send resume to krichter@theterraacademy.org

NOTE:  Only full-time employee's children are given a preference point for enrollment in Terra Academy.  Part-time employee's children are not given preference points.  Preference points are given for children who:

 a) have a parent or legal guardian working full-time at Terra

 b) for each year they have been on the waiting list

 c) for having siblings already enrolled within the school (siblings must remain in the school for one full year)