Employment Information

7 days ago

Are you interested in becoming an educator or becoming an employee of Terra Academy?

NOTE:  Only full-time employee's children are given a preference point for enrollment in Terra Academy.  Part-time employee's children are not given preference points.  Preference points are given for children who:

 a) have a parent or legal guardian working full-time at Terra

 b) for each year they have been on the waiting list

 c) for having siblings already enrolled within the school (siblings must remain in the school for one full       year)

Open Applications:  We accept applications at any time for any position here at Terra (even if the position is not currently open).  We are continually looking for people who fit the mission and vision of Terra Academy.  Feel free to submit your resume at any time to:  info@theterraacademy.org

We are looking for the following positions: 

Substitute Positions - please click here to apply

Substitute Teachers - $12 hour

Substitute Maintenance - $12 hour

Substitute Kitchen - $12 hour

Permanent Positions - Send resume to info@theterraacademy.org

Full-Time School Counselor - posting date 8/4/22


Must be a Utah licensed counselor with a Master’s degree or higher; applicant may be a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)


Developing, implementing and managing school guidance programs 

Working with students in individual, small group and classroom settings 

Working with students to develop critical life skills such as organization and time management 

Helping students work through difficult situations, such as a divorce or death in the family 

Collaborating with other educators and administrators to ensure counseling programs meet school goals 

Monitoring and recording student progress to ensure counseling programs are effective 

Oversee the Terra Academy character education program 

Serve as the Terra Academy Hope Squad adviser 

Other duties as assigned

Desired Competencies 


Able to multi-task 

Ability to work effectively with students in grades kindergarten through twelfth 

Knowledge of the full continuum of mental health care services, such as prevention and intervention 

Thorough understanding of barriers to student learning and the use of counseling strategies to eliminate those barriers 

Understanding of the legal, professional and ethical issues that affect Utah schools

Part Time Sweeper -  posting date 1/6/23 (open until filled)


-3pm to 8pm

-Help with day to day cleaning in sectioned area.  Cleaning classrooms, bathrooms, windows and vacuuming. 


The purpose of this position is to provide a well-rounded, kind, respectful, innovative person to contribute to our culture and assist students in mastering concepts and standards for the purpose of deepening their knowledge as well as gaining and sharpening skills to become successful citizens in life.  In addition, we hope to create a staff who is willing to work together for the ultimate goal of what is best for students as unique individuals.