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Transferring to or from a Charter School

10 months ago

Procedures in Transferring to or From a Charter School


Accepting Admission and Forfeiting Admission

Students who are selected through the first lottery to attend Terra Academy will be notified by email, phone call, and/or U.S. mail of their acceptance.  It is the parent or guardians’ responsibility to make sure all contact information is correct and accurate. 


Parents will have two weeks from the date of the first lottery to respond by returning the acceptance form by email, in person or via U.S. mail. Forms returned by U.S. mail must be delivered to the school by the due date. Students who do not respond within the two week period forfeit their enrollment spot can reapply for the lottery during the next open enrollment period, generally the following year or placed at the bottom of the wait list for the current year.


If there are additional available seats, another round of acceptance phone calls and emails will be issued. Students in the second and subsequent rounds will have 48 hours from the notification date to respond or their seats will be forfeited.   Forms returned by U.S. mail must be postmarked by the due date or it will not be accepted.