Wellness at Terra Academy

Terra Academy is committed to adopting a school environment that promotes and protects

students’ health, well-being and ability to learn by supporting the whole child. Terra Academy

supports all students in developing health enhancing behaviors that will serve them throughout

their life.

Wellness Goals

In order to be compliant with the USDA final rule, specific goals for nutrition promotion and education,

physical activity and other school-based activities are required.

Nutrition Education & Promotion

* Nutrition education will be completed in grades 7-10. Nutrition education will take place

one week during each month of the school year.

* Terra Academy will use the below strategies to increase participation in the school meal


a. Offer a grab and go breakfast option/ offer one additional grab and go breakfast

b. Will use student surveys to guide satisfaction with the breakfast and lunch


* Families will be provided information about free/reduced priced meals via emails, paper

copies at the front desk, the free/reduced meals banner, and Terra Academy’s Facebook

page. These will be sent out twice a year once at the start of the school year and once in


* Terra Academy will continue to use produce from the school garden in school meals.

* Terra Academy will continue to aim to use Boot Hill Farms products when supply is not

an issue.

* Terra Academy will use student and parent surveys for suggestions on meals to be


* Terra Academy will use signs to encourage students to try nutrient dense foods.

Physical Activity

* Both elementary and secondary PE teachers will be given the opportunity to attend the

state held PE conference each school year.

* A scope and sequence will be completed for secondary PE that hyperlinks a written

secondary PE curriculum.

* A scope and sequence will be completed for elementary PE that hyperlinks a written k-6

grades PE curriculum.

* Terra Academy will continue to offer and encourage student participation in PA by

implementing, growing, and maintaining new opportunities. Examples include volleyball

and cross country.

* The incorporation of brain breaks will be encouraged and ideas will be provided to


Other School-Based Activities: Edible Schoolyard

* There will be four garden beds dedicated for student foraging. The four beds closet to

the playground will be used for these purposes.

* The garden will give half the produce to Terra Academy cafeteria and half to the


* Terra Academy will work towards building walking paths on the property. Along the

walking paths Terra Academy will plant native plants.