Pickup and Drop Off

Drop Off Process: Students should not arrive before 7:30 a.m. All traffic will need to come in from the south and exit to the north. Parents are asked to NOT come in from the northern direction as it will block the flow of traffic. Parents will need to drop off students in the right hand lane. Students WILL NOT be allowed to cross the school's road to the other side from the grass island.

Pick Up/Leaving Process: All traffic will need to come in from the south and exit to the north. Parents are asked to NOT come in from the northern direction as it will block the flow of traffic. Students will be released to parents from their perspective pick up lines. Students with last names beginning with the middle of the alphabet to “Z” will cross school road to the other side on the grass island and line up in their respective lines.

NO PARKING will be allowed in ANY of the lanes. Cars may only park in the designated parking lots on either end of the building.

Students who drive will leave after the elementary students have been picked up.

  1. Students will exit the school and move to their appropriate line which will include their family members.

  2. Parents will enter from the south side, drive through the parking lot on the south side (as to remove traffic from the main road) and finally move toward the north exit.

  3. Move slowly and stop for all crosswalks. Watch for students crossing.

  4. Parents will pick the extreme east or west lane depending upon their student(s) last name. The middle lane will be used ONLY to exit the property, after they have picked up their student. Please move into the center lane CAREFULLY and slowly.

  5. Please have your students enter the car on the CURB SIDE of the car/truck.

  6. Turn north ONLY to exit

  7. Line 1:  Kindergarten and all older siblings.

    Line 2:  Redmond - 1st grade- and all older siblings

    Line 3:  Hernandez - 1st grade - and all older siblings

    Line 4:  2nd grade  and all older siblings

    Line 5:  3rd & 4th grades and all older siblings

    Line 6:  5th & 6th grades and all older siblings

    Line 7:  Carpool - groups of 5 or more students

  8. Lines 1 through 3 are on the sidewalk in front of the school.

    Lines 4 through 6 are on the grass side in front of the school.

    Line 7 is behind the band building located in the Secondary parking lot.

Please do not park on the street ...the city and county do not want cars lining the street. Parking is available in the south lot.

We, at Terra Academy, are committed to the safety of all of our wonderful students.  We continue to make adjustments to our safety routines when we are notified of safety issues involving any of our students.  We are asking for your cooperation in the observance of these rules and procedures during the afternoon pick-up time.

The road in front of the school is 35 miles per hour and many of the young drivers coming from other schools are going faster than that.  Having children run across this road is definitely not safe.  We are asking that you pick up your child/children at their lines.   We are not allowing students to load in cars in places where there is no adult supervision.  The pick-up process takes approximately 15 minutes from the time the students leave the building until the staff is coming back into the school.  We believe that being patient for 15 minutes is not too much to ask when balanced with the health and safety of the students.
The teachers have been trained in these rules and procedures and are striving to consistently follow these procedures so that all students are kept safe.  Please refrain from bullying and disrespecting our teachers who only have the best interest of your child/children at heart.  If you have issues with our rules and/or procedures, please come in and discuss these issues with the administration, as we are the ones who have implemented the rules.  We would be more than happy to talk with you and discuss your concerns and ours as well.

We very much appreciate those of you who are setting an excellent example for your children by happily adhering to these safety rules and modeling the importance of such rules.  

Thank you so much,

Terra Academy Administration