Extracurricular Sports with UHS

7 years ago

Extracurricular Sports with Uintah High School


Students from Terra Academy will be able to participate with Uintah High School in extra curricular sports.  In order to do so, you must speak with the coach(es) of the team and work through Uintah High School to pay fees, sign up and register.  The following link  will take you to NCAA High School Sports Registration.  


1.  Make sure you have met with your counselor and/or the UHS counselors  to schedule any, if needed, required class. 

2.  Remember that this registration process does NOT guarantee recruitment.

3.  It is your job to make sure you have covered all necessary steps for participation in extra curricular activities with Uintah School District.  It is NOT Terra Academy's responsibility except to alter your schedule to allow time for such things.  Please contact UHS counselors and coaches directly.


In order for a student to even tryout for fall sports, they have to register on this website and be approved by UHSAA.