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Driver's Education

4 months ago

Driver's Education

Must be 15 years old and have a learner’s permit to take Driver’s Ed 

How to obtain a learners permit.

Here is a resource to help study for the 50 question written test. 

● Option 1​: Take the online driver’s education class through the state.

● Option 2​: Go to and take the online class available through that site. $50

● Option 3​: There will be a direct instruction driving class offered at Terra Academy after school hours starting around the first of the year.  If you are interested in this course, please sign up with Mr. McDonald. Cost will be $50.

Once you are enrolled and working on a class you can sign up and start your driving time with Mr. McDonald. The fee for driving is $250.

While you are waiting to drive with Mr. McDonald, make sure you are logging the time you are driving with a parent. You must have a minimum of 15 hours logged before you can drive with the instructor.

This Driver’s Education training option is separate from the Terra Academy. Mr. McDonald is certified through the state and is affiliated with Wright Driving School. No school credit will be received for taking this class.


Are you ready for the Driver’s Course?

Do you have a learners permit? _____________________

How long have you had your permit? _________________

When does your permit expire? _____________________

Do you have 15 hours logged from a parent? ___________

Have you completed required coursework? ____________

Age: ______________ Birthdate: ________________

Students signature:

_______________________________________ Date: __________

Parent/guardian signature:

_______________________________________ Date: ___________